Recent Projects

Pear Analytics - Website Analyzer

Website Analyzer, a SEO widget for the local base SEO company Pear Analytics, can help website owners generated easy to read detailed reports that provide ways on how to improve your ranking on popular search engines. Accompanied with this report is the option to display your score in a form of a badge. Look out for the "PRO" version to launch soon with additional features.

UNBOUND Technologies(Current Employer)

In today's highly competitive markets, you must work smart to get attention for your products and services. Even with well-crafted claims and a big marketing budget, it's hard to avoid being ignored amidst all the noise. UNBOUND Technologies meets this challenge head-on.

Deener Denim

Deener Denim ,a premium denim brand with a unique take on the classic denim look, website is composed fully in flash accompanied with a CMS backend for easy access and management to its content. [deener] is designed & finished in Los Angeles, CA.